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April 2021, English
16.5×22 cm, 296 pages, 54 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-589-3
Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

INTRA! INTRA! details an ambitious and provocative project that explores human and posthuman forms of agency within a context of spatial research. The project situates itself around developments in artificial intelligence and technical advances in the mapping and creation of nonhuman subjectivities in relation to the presence of human and nonhuman bodies. The book develops forms of spatial occupation that are not a simulacrum of human movement, but suggest whole new forms of spatial practice and the everyday interactions that might occur between human and nonhuman bodies, and poses profound questions around how a future architecture could be developed and inhabited by a vast spectrum of possible citizens.”
—Nic Clear, University of Huddersfield

“This book is about a space-being, and its in actu engendering. It is an idea of space that frees itself from anchorage in originality. It seems to be a space without roots, engendered ab initio coexistentiae—starting with the shared condition of coexistence. Instead of an origin, there is a ‘self’ to this space-being. INTRA SPACE is the space where a centrifugal motive is at play. Is there an architecture that can contain its dancing movement? It would need to be an architecture capable of receiving and hosting—accommodating—the giving in of a ‘self’ to an act of inverted inhabitation—a public kind of inhabitation that does not appropriate and consume space, but engenders it. INTRA! INTRA! points ways towards a kind of ideation that links the domain of the digital with a public space. Such ideation is of urgent relevance today.”
—Vera Bühlmann, Vienna University of Technology