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September 2019
12.8×19.8 cm, 194 pages, 21 color and 7 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-288-5
Zak Group

Hans Ulrich Obrist’s every undertaking is a journey. Here, it is a journey into his own night, that of his memories, of his life. Since his childhood he has looked to go further, with the Swiss mountains as the first horizon for him to cross. And go further he has. From one thing to the next, moving but never stopping.
—Etel Adnan

An Exhibition Always Hides Another Exhibition is a collective portrait of Hans Ulrich Obrist composed by friends, collaborators, admirers, and inquisitors. From personal anecdotes to analytic estimations to visual representations, the contributions respond to the questions that frame the book: Who is HUO? What does HUO do? What has HUO done?