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November 2019, English
14×21 cm, 366 pages, 108 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-280-9
Cultures of the Curatorial
Kulturen des Kuratorischen, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
Out of print

The meaning, function, and status of things have changed decisively over the past two decades—a development that stems from increasing skepticism about the ability of things to present culture. This questioning of thingness is an integral part of presentation and has shaped the relevance of the field of the curatorial. Immanent to presentation as a mode of being (public) in the world, the curatorial has the potential to address, visualize, and investigate the central effects of the changing status and function of things. The presentational mode has played a generative role, vitally participating in the mobilization of things through its aesthetic, semantic, social, and, not least, economic dimensions. Intertwining transdisciplinary discourses, transcultural perspectives, and methods of practice, the anthology Curatorial Things provides new insight into the analysis of things.