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December 2020, English
16×24 cm, 56 pages, 12 die-cut illustrations, softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-580-0
Enver Hadzijaj

Wish A Dream And Dream A Wish, the first in the Glossary series, introduces the work of visual artist Dardan Zhegrova and includes a collection of his poetry, which often sketches scenes of longing for intimacy and queer sexual desire. The accompanying text by the book’s editor Cathrin Mayer not only provides insight into Zhegrova’s multifaceted practice, ranging from the production of films and textile objects to large-scale installations, but also contextualizes his work within the small yet vibrant contemporary art scene of Kosovo, which developed around experimentation and self-run initiatives.

Aiming to translate this spirit of experimentation into book format, the artist—in collaboration with graphic designer Enver Hadzijaj—conceived Wish A Dream And Dream A Wish as a unique “participatory publication” that has perforated fold-out pages with cutouts based on drawings by the artist, rather than a regular cover, and blank pages for the reader to use. This conceptual idea for the publication emphasizes Zhegrova’s belief that both experiencing art and making art should be accessible to everyone.

The Glossary series, which focuses on contemporary art in Yugoslav, post-Yugoslav, and now independent Kosovo, is edited by Georg Schöllhammer.