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December 2022, English/Chinese
21.8×24.6 cm, 192 pages, 153 col ill., hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-440-7
Rockbund Art Museum

This publication features a rich display of Tobias Rehberger's works in the exhibition "If You Don't Use Your Eyes to See, You Will Use Them to Cry" at the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM), taking the form of a fully functioning butcher shop serving food and drink, an assembly of ikebana-like flower arrangements, an inauthentic Japanese-style teahouse serving instant tea, a bar with irregular opening hours, subway posters across the city, malfunctioning signage, and a panoramic tableau of pixelated larger-than-life-sized popstars.  This book can also capture the culinary lens conceived by Chef Blake Thornley of the OHA Group and mysterious images that float between fiction and reality created by Shanghai-based photographer Xiaopeng Yuan. Through an assortment of elements and visual transduction, the image and text in this book unravel from one another while dovetailing serendipitously elsewhere. In that case, this book extends the exhibition's original boundaries and offers different ways of viewing.

This "recipe" invites the reader into a generative process in which the exhibition's ideas are warm rather than cold leftovers.