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2014, English
14.5×21 cm, 320 pages, illustrated throughout, clothbound hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-044-7
Nils F. Schott
Andreas Töpfer
Out of print

Speculative Drawing presents fifteen books—from monographs and translations to collections of essays—that emerged from the research platform Speculative Poetics, conceived by Armen Avanessian in 2011. This book gives a somewhat different introduction to contemporary speculative philosophy, raising questions on how thinking works and how thinking occurs in drawings or illustrations. How does a poetic thinking work that’s not about but with art?


Andreas Töpfer’s drawings in this book are not illustrations of the texts. Rather it’s the other way around: they need to be read so that the texts can start to refer to them. In this sense, Speculative Drawing does not provide a shortcut to the theories presented; it does not aim to build a representational relationship between a pictorially correct understanding and a correlative conceptual thought. Instead, the drawings provide an occasion to think about thinking—a speculative thinking and writing in concept and through images.