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August 2019, English, German
17×24 cm, 224 pages, 45 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-956794-96-4
Double Standards, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer
Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Out of print

From November 2017 to September 2019, res·o·nant, a conceptual light and sound installation by Mischa Kuball, pulsed throughout the architecture of the Libeskind building in the Jewish Museum Berlin.

This book comprises five thematic sections—Space of Experience, Void, Sound Space, Light, and Urban Space—in which twenty-two thinkers, artists, and writers examine and interpret Kuball’s work.

In Kuball’s installation and the performance program that ran alongside it, in the spaces of architecture, the membrane, and the skin, resonance becomes the antithesis to alienation in the world.