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2001, English/German
13.8×21.5 cm, 255 pages, 20 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-930916-41-2
Out of print

Nachdruck / Imprint – Texte / Writings brings together a selection of writings produced by Harun Farocki over the past three decades. They provide an insight into Farocki’s filmic work and its underlying querying of the status, production, and perception of images conveyed technically and through media. As a critical observer of political and cultural events, Farocki reveals the images’ hidden content in his films and writings, freeing them from the detritus of the encoding with which they have been covered in the course of their development, their use in various media and subsequent reception. Farocki’s deconstructive reflections establish new standards not only for the aesthetics of film but for visual art as well.

Too often it is all about words between the words and pictures between the pictures; before I start inventing authors and photographers for all this, I prefer to say I.
—Harun Farocki