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March 2023, English
21×28 cm, 456 pages, 212 color and 39 b/w ill, softcover
ISBN 978-1-915609-18-2
Dejan Kršić
Kontakt Collection, Vienna

“My sweet little lamb (Everything we see could also be otherwise),” a series of exhibition episodes based on the Kontakt Collection and dedicated to the artist Mladen Stilinović, unfolded in Zagreb and London in 2016–2017. This publication, conceived as a “post-episode” of the project, presents extensive visual documentation of the exhibitions alongside newly commissioned texts by theorists and writers Branislav Dimitrijević, Miguel A. López, Oxana Timofeeva, and Marina Vishmidt, as well as a conversation on exhibition making with curators Ekaterina Degot, Ana Janevski, Emily Pethick, and Marion von Osten. Drawing on the legacy of the Eastern European neo-avantgarde and the work of Stilinović in particular, these contributions grapple with urgent questions about the value of art and exhibition making.