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May 2023, English
17×24 cm, 160 pages, 100 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-1-915609-26-7
Wolfe Hall

Flowering Under Stress presents a wide selection of works from Ana Prvački’s daily watercolor practice that began during the COVID-19 pandemic. It guides us through the inner and outer landscapes of our recent years, as we grappled the complex emotions of a world turned upside down.

A therapeutic visual journey that reveals Prvački's signature playful wit, the watercolors address current conversations on history, ecology, sexuality, technology, self care and mental health. Offering an imaginative and improvisational approach to the world, Flowering Under Stress encourages us to recognize our shared humanity and to look for hope and possibility in unlikely places.

Ana Prvački’s watercolors are a rare cocktail of wit, close observation, and lightness of touch.

— Cecily Brown, artist

We don’t know what we are or what we think anymore. Ana Prvački shows us that we will have to seek for parts of ourselves again, and with the delicacy of watercolors upon paper.

— Jamieson Webster, psychoanalyst and author