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2012, English/German
21×27.8 cm, 128 pages, 200 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-1-934105-78-8
Manuel Raeder
Portikus, Frankfurt am Main
Out of print

Emerging from the eponymous exhibition at Portikus in Frankfurt am Main, Flaca / Tom Humphreys reflects on the London exhibition space, Flaca, that Tom Humphreys organized between 2003 and 2007. Humphreys developed an exhibition that made no pretense to offer an illustrative or historically accurate representation of his activities at the time, instead turning the space into a distorted double set in the present. Humphreys is interested in questioning the activities of that time; some of the artists he invited for this exhibition, for instance, never showed at Flaca. As Christian Egger writes in the catalogue: “Exhibiting there often meant that you could look with a fresh eye at the first solo shows in London of artists you’d only just seen at Flaca, and that was all really quite exciting, as though you were experiencing a little bit of what the mobile phone you’d brought along had gone through when you first scared it by charging it with island juice, there was somehow a different energy—a flirtation with malfunction.” The catalogue compliments the energetic, engaged style embodied by both Flaca and the reflective exhibition.