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April 2017, English/German
24×32 cm, 24 pages, 47 color ill., clothbound hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-324-0
NORM, Zurich
Out of print

The catalogue First Things First comprises a selection of images from a number of Shirana Shahbazi’s photographic series created over the past ten years. The presentation of some fifty works is not necessarily categorically or linearly organized; rather, it appears completely free of hierarchy, with photographic styles, subjects, and techniques displayed on equal footing. First Things First emphasizes a juxtapositional approach, a dynamic and free arrangement of various subjects and styles: unspectacular landscapes are placed alongside fruit and flower still lifes; seemingly casual urban scenes sit alongside geometric shapes; colored compositions are in contrast to black-and-white images.

In her work, Shahbazi generates a complex interplay between images through her surprising and innovative compositions. The photographic arrangements build unexpected bridges between images and ideas to create both a balance and a tension, and to offer an alternative way of looking at the world around us.

This book is published on the occasion of Shirana Shahbazi’s exhibition “First Things First,” curated by Andreas Fiedler, at KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, April 2–August 6, 2017.