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2007, English
16.5×24.1 cm, 152 pages, 27 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-1-933128-17-7
Art in General, New York
Out of print

“For this book Bernadette Corporation uses screenplay formatting software and the screenplay form with no intention to produce a film or communicate anything. ... the hack is used as a starting point for a literature, with hack tools in a hack medium. EINE PINOT GRIGIO, BITTE to remind you of the necessity to understand that all creativity is equal.” Bernadette Corporation

A novel-in-disguise, Eine Pinot Grigio, Bitte is a dark foray into capitalism gone awry. Set against a backdrop of decadent zombies, the screenplay follows John Delp and Aude as they shoot a movie in the cities of Paris, Berlin, and Mexico City. With its wild and messy sense for the absurd, Eine Pinot Grigio, Bitte unravels that conventional Hollywood repertoire of screenwriting all to better recycle both fiction and the real.


Eine Pinot Grigio, Bitte is followed by “Pedestrian Memoranda,” a series of notes on Bernadette Corporation's temporary underground film studio, operated from 2005–2007 in Paris, Berlin, and Mexico City.

Bernadette Corporation has previously worked under the guise of an eponymous underground fashion label, published a fashion magazine called Made in USA, produced video-films, including the 2003 documentary Get Rid of Yourself, collectively authored the novel Reena Spaulings (Semiotext[e] 2004), as well as exhibited at the 2006 Whitney Biennial, the Witte de With museum, and the Centre Pompidou.