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April 2016, English
18.4×29.7 cm, 86 pages, color ill., hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-236-6
Yu-Yeon Cho
Out of print

Duskdust is an artist book by Susanne Kriemann. It takes as its starting point the former industrial site of limestone mining at Furilden peninsula on the northeastern coast of Gotland, Sweden’s biggest island. It is informed by the artist’s ongoing preoccupation with photography, labor, and archaeology and includes photographs taken during her residencies and site visits, archival material as well as text contributions by invited authors. Writer Kirsty Bell traveled to Gotland to follow the artist’s research trails while media theorist Jussi Parikka situates Kriemann’s artistic approach within current discourse on geology and media. Maria Barnas wrote a poem based on Kriemann’s walk through a tunnel at the industrial site. Lívia Páldi, director of BAC – Baltic Art Center in Visby, Sweden gives an introduction to The Site Residency program and the specifities of selected sites in relationship to Kriemann’s work.


Copublished with BAC – Baltic Art Center, Visby