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March 2023, English
13×19 cm, 352 pages, 59 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-1-915609-19-9
Experiments in Art and Capitalism
Ronnie Fueglister
Stockholm School of Economics

Curating has evolved into much more than creating interesting exhibitions, promoting artists, and caring for artworks: in this millennium, art and business are fused, transforming capitalism from the inside out. Curating Capitalism implies new ways of management far beyond the simple commercialization of art and artist. Today, art and the artist inspire business. Beginning with Joseph Beuys’s declaration ART = CAPITAL and Andy Warhol's vision of a capitalistic BUSINESS ART, Pierre Guillet de Monthoux contemplates the insights of contemporary curators to understand the new hybrid forms of art and business active in our current society and economy.

Curating Capitalism: How Art Impacts Business, Management, and Economy is part of the SSE Art Initiative series Experiments in Art and Capitalism.

“Curating Capitalism enables and inspires management educators to find the powerful connections and opportunity at the intersection of contemporary art, the artist, and business in pursuit of a better world.”

— Judy Samuelson, founder and executive director, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, author of The Six New Rules of Business

“How can art exist within technocapitalism? This riveting book debates the question, featuring some of the most audacious thinkers of our time and unpacking the ways in which art actively shapes economies of power, knowledge, and creation in the twenty-first century.”

— Michelle Kuo, Marlene Hess Curator of Painting and Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, New York

“A smart, kaleidoscopic, must-read take on many hybrids of art, economics, and imagined futures of (post-)capitalistic society.”

— Amy Whitaker, Professor, NYU Steinhardt School, author of Art Thinking

“Built on conversations with world-renowned curators, artists, philosophers and sociologists, such as  Daniel Birnbaum, Olafur Eliasson, Jaques Rancière, and Bruno Latour, Curating Capitalism maps a rich journey at the intersection of art and capitalism”

— Elena Raviola, Söderberg Professor in Design Management, University of Gothenberg