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September 2014, English
24×28 cm, 96 pages, 10 b/w and 32 color ill., clothbound hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-103-1
Andreas Koch
Out of print

In this monograph the Swiss and Danish duo give us a deeper look into the emblematic and enigmatic, imaginative and often humorous works that the artists are known for. By mixing the inorganic with the organic, traditional religious symbols and their New Age counterparts with common everyday references and popular culture, the line between what is considered holy or secular becomes blurry. At once commonplace and strange, the sculptures compel their audience toward expanded associations by releasing iconography from accustomed paradigms. Elizabeth Grady writes, “Ultimately, their work as a whole explores the territory of the human condition; from our physical embodiment to our metaphysical state of being.” Bling blang, ching chang, give me some of that yin yang is the first survey of Yarisal & Kublitz’s works from 2010 to 2014.