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December 2020, English
17×24 cm, 208 pages, 108 b/w and 106 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-428-5
Ben Weaver

“Jesse Ash’s multifaceted project Avoidance—Avoidance imagines fictional encounters between two former lovers who meet again years after their break-up and reminisce about their failed relationship. For each iteration Ash adapted the dialogues and settings and created a new body of works to act as both backdrops and props for the unfolding site-specific performances. It now takes the form of a book assembling traces of these events [and …] intends to make visible forms of emotional, material and political concealment.”
—Elsa Coustou

“In the top layers, painting can feel much more like applying make-up when fine-tuning light and shade. […] The adding of highlights and deep shadows or the adjustment of temperature of shade (warmth or coolness) comes closest to the pleasure of a viewer stepping in and out of illusion.”
—Daniel Sinsel

“Well, what art does at a good, very high level, propaganda does at a very dirty and unethical level. But it’s still a similar dance.”
—Peter Pomerantsev

“Lies? That’s a tricky word for an actor, as I guess it is for any artist. As an actor you’re always trying to convince the audience that everything you’re doing is real, but we’re in cahoots, we have an agreement—you, the audience, have come to see us tell you a story, and the more real it feels, the better affected you’ll be by it.”
—Ansu Kabia