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2003, English/German
21.5×27 cm, 68 pages, 27 color and 5 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-0-9726806-9-1

“How can one make a work on canvas today without, in some way, addressing the mobility that now characterizes our most familiar sources of representational surfaces – the television or computer screen with their profusion of data, succeeding, interrupting and, through the hyperlink, opening gaps within one another? Thomas Eggerer’s anti-gravitational paintings address these conditions in a variety of ways, all of which cause a vertiginous loss of grounding.” –David Joselit


German artist Thomas Eggerer (*1963) is based in Los Angeles since 1999. A former member of the collaborative Group Material in New York, he initiated conceptual projects in collaboration with Jochen Klein, focusing on identity and gender issues in public space. In his current paintings and drawings, Eggerer continues this discourse with other means. His enigmatic depictions of groups and collectives attempt less to portray the singularity of the individual than to explore the mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion, conformity and hierarchy, as well as the potential of individual or collective utopia.


Numerous illustrations and two seminal essays make this the first major publication on the artist’s work.