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April 2020, English
12.5×19 cm, 120 pages, 13 color ills., English
ISBN 978-3-95679-524-4
Ronnie Fueglister
Stockholm School of Economics

Can objects be traumatized? How does the commercial value of an art object relate to its aesthetic qualities? How do objects interact? These are some of the questions addressed by Graham Harman, the originator of object-oriented philosophy and a central figure of the Speculative Realism school of thought in contemporary philosophy.

Artful Objects includes a reproduction of Harman’s lecture “What Is an Object?” at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, held on occasion of the exhibition Sculpture after Sculpture, with Jeff Koons, Charles Ray, and Katharina Fritsch. Artists, who have expanded the notion of the object in art and society at large. In his lecture, Harman gives a thorough exposition of the object from an ontological standpoint and puts forward a concept of the object that goes beyond reductionist orientations. He declares a philosophical approach bringing philosophy and the arts closely together, where objects are impenetrable to direct knowledge and paraphrase and instead must be approached obliquely and indirectly. The publication also includes a reproduction of a succeeding symposium taking place in the exhibition, where thirteen questions to Graham Harman—among and in relation to the thirteen sculptures of the show—were posed about the implications of object oriented philosophy for art, business administration, and philosophy.