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May 2016, English
16.5×23.5 cm, 344 pages, 154 color ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-166-6
Chad Kloepfer with Hyo Kwon
Mousse Publishing

Ageing Process, Lara Favaretto’s first monograph, documents the artist’s works from the 1990s to her most recent installations presented in the 2015 exhibition “Good Luck!” at MAXXI in Rome. Structured like a manual, this volume accompanies entries on her works with essays by critics and experts from various disciplines who tackle themes complementary but not directly connected to the artist’s practice. Favaretto, who also edited the book, explains: “I decided not to follow any chronological or alphabetical order, but to instead suggest a unified discourse by making the reading experience flow as smoothly as possible, following an underground web of references between the texts that would elude any scansion dictated by the sequence of dates or letters.”