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September 2014, English/German
18×23 cm, 424 pages, 55 b/w and 220 color ill., clothbound hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-028-7
Yvonne Quirmbach
Out of print

This publication is a work of both art and theory, and aligns itself with a socially activated, political understanding of aesthetics. A concept of production emerges—in the words of Krüger & Pardeller, “concrete openness.” The artist duo, to ensure that this is retained in book form, offers the readers and authors the precise aesthetic space of experience that constitutes their artistic practice. Crucially, this openness does not only stand for a transgression of the traditional concept of work, but also brings the concrete rules and conditions of a participative practice into play, a work form invested with continuation and completion. Together with the authors, Krüger & Pardeller experiment with developing a theoretical and carnal thinking that condenses on the pages of the book and, as a visual and conceptual encyclopedia, opens up for further use.