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2023, English
17×24.5 cm, 410 pages, 35 b/w and 130 color ill., clothbound hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-484-1
NODE Berlin Oslo

The term “swamp” is frequently used to refer to marshes, bogs, mires, wetlands, meadows, and other gray zones that sit between land and water. In that sense, the term could be considered a metonym that can be attributed to a variety of transitional ecosystems and functions. Swamps and the New Imagination invokes this concept as a tool to address the vital urgency of human cohabitation with other forms of life, placing the swamp at the crossroads of disciplines and practices. It is more than a biological ecosystem, it is a milieu of manifold sympoietic relationships, a locus of imagination, which fosters discussions of possible futures. It is also a very particular modality—“an interface of Gaia”—offering a “face,” a certain physiognomy to a faceless networks of relations, inviting us to engage in regimes of entanglement. The contributors to this book expand on swampy notions, probe global and speculative art and architecture, intercalate philosophy and queer theory, and filter ideas through the lens of posthumanist ecology, informed by the histories and theories of cybernetics, sociology, and the commons.