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Imagine Otherwise is an anthology of books on queer, non-binary, or female-identifying artists who have produced a substantial body of work but may have no publication concerning their art or life in print at the time of commissioning. The series—a living archive and a modular score emphasizes the concept of "female worlding" at its center, presenting books that serve as field guides into artistic lives that remain unexplored or inaccessible. The overall proposition, to “imagine” a world “otherwise,” stems from the desire to find a different way of looking, writing, and reading about art. To consciously create a form of publishing that allows art to be examined unreservedly, unburdened of the limits imposed by any perceived “dominant hand” of hegemony. Imagine if every book on art was authored or narrated via the distinct contours of the artist’s work and/or biography—the writer and artist guiding the reader through a personal lens, in their distinct voice, rarely conforming to a singular style. Each book in the series is conceived as an exploratory document and collaborative composition. Together, author and artist, dead or alive, propose acts of worldbuilding—fulfilling a dream to explode the sanctioned modes through which art is experienced in the collective imagination. (Commissioning Editors: Dr. Omar Kholeif and Caroline Schneider. Series Editor: Dr. Omar Kholeif. Editorial Advisory Group: Skye Arundhati-Thomas, Zoe Butt, Carla Chammas, Alison Hearst, and Professor Sarah Perks. Imagine Otherwise is a collaboration with
Imagine Otherwise

Navigation Beyond Vision

To celebrate the launch of Navigation Beyond Vision, please join Tom Holert and Doreen Mende from the Harun Farocki Institut for a discussion with Brian Kuan Wood at MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Festival & Fair.

Sunday 24 September, 2pm
Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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Tainted Love

Titled after Soft Cell’s version of the original 1965 Gloria Jones track, Tainted Love is the first book-length inquiry into the subject of the twisted romantic ballad, giving a sense of both its history and contemporary currency.

Author Alex Coles will be in conversation at Future Yard followed by an audience Q+A, book signing, and a DJ set themed around the musical history covered in the book.

Saturday 9 September, 7:30pm
Future Yard
Birkenhead, UK

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Is Now The Time For Joyous Rage?

Is Now The Time For Joyous Rage? is the fourth book in the annual series A Series of Open Questions published by CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts and Sternberg Press. This fourth issue is informed by themes found in the work of Lorraine O’Grady, including diaspora, Black female subjectivity, racial hybridity, translation, intersectional feminism, institutional critique, Black representation in the art world, archives, music, Conceptualism, and performance art.

For this launch event, contributors Selam Bekele, Jacqueline Francis, Jeanne Finley, Charles Lee, and Trina Michelle Robinson have each chosen to highlight a piece from the book (other than their own). In a series of short presentations, they will read and/or introduce the piece and why they chose it.

Sunday 16 July, 12—1pm
San Francisco Art Book Fair
San Francisco


Silent Whale Letters

For the official launch of their book Silent Whale Letters, Ella Finer and Vibeke Mascini fill Nottingham Contemporary’s space with the vibrational infra voice of the blue whale.

Saturday 24 June, 3—7:30pm
Nottingham Contemporary

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Finer and Mascini will also present a reading at the Delfina Foundation, extending their conversations around the limitations of human senses in relation to more-than-human realities.

Monday 26 June, 6:30pm
Delfina Foundation

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Thus Waves Come in Pairs: Thinking with the Mediterraneans

COMMERCE presents an evening with curator and editor Barbara Casavecchia to celebrate the launch of the newly released book Thus Waves Come in Pairs: Thinking with the Mediterraneans (co-published by TBA21–Academy and Sternberg Press, 2023).

Casavecchia will be in conversation with researcher and artist Pietro Consolandi and writer Zeyn Joukhadar, who both contributed to the publication.

Wednesday 7 June, 6:30pm





Larne Abse Gogarty: What We Do Is Secret

Written by Larne Abse Gogarty in the wake of the far-right populist turn in Europe, the US, and beyond, What We Do Is Secret addresses aesthetic and intellectual affinities between recent art and conspiracy.

For the book’s Berlin launch, Larne will be in conversation with Jenny Nachtigall, Lecturer in Modernity and its Critical Histories at University College London.

Saturday 17 June, 5pm

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