Hubert Fichte
The Black City
Aslan Gaisumov
Erkan Özgen
Giving Voices
Rainer Ganahl
Manhattan Marxism
Amalia Pica
please listen hurry others speak better
Meg O'Rourke (Ed.)
Ornament and Crime
Babette Mangolte
Selected Writings, 1998–2015
Armen Avanessian, Lietje Bauwens, Wouter De Raeve, Alice Haddad, Markus Miessen (Eds.)
Perhaps It Is High Time for a Xeno-architecture to Match
Hermione Spriggs (Ed.)
Five Heads (Tavan Tolgoi)
Art, Anthropology and Mongol Futurism
Elisabeth Lebovici
The Name of Philippe Thomas /
Philippe Thomas’ Name
Torbjørn Rødland
Fifth Honeymoon
Guy Mees
The Weather is Quiet, Cool, and Soft
Georgia Sagri
Vincent Meessen
The Other Country / L'autre pays
Margaret-Anne Hutton
On Writing a Literary History of the Contemporary, or What is, or was, “the Contemporary,” and should we keep calling it that?
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen
Hegel after Occupy
Contemporary Research Intensive
Contemporary Research Intensive
The Meal: A Conversation with Gilbert & George
On the Table VI
The only performances that make it all the way ...
Yes, but is it performable?
The only performances that make it all the way ...
Yes, but is it performable?
Ane Hjort Guttu
Writings, Conversations, Scripts
Magali Reus
Hot Cottons
As mist, description
Uriel Orlow
Theatrum Botanicum
Gianni Pettena
Non-Conscious Architecture
Alex Cecchetti
Tamam Shud
An Artist’s Novel
Omar Kholeif
Goodbye, World!
Looking at Art in the Digital Age
Virgil Abloh
“Insert Complicated Title Here”
Merlin Carpenter
“The Outside Can’t Go Outside”
Erik Hagen, Mario Pfeifer (Eds.)
Profit over Peace in Western Sahara
How commercial interests undermine self-determination in the last colony in Africa
Josephine Pryde
lapses in Thinking By the person i Am
Su-Mei Tse
Marcel Odenbach
Beweis zu nichts / Proof of Nothing
Ellen Cantor
A history of the world as it has become known to me
Isabelle Graw
The Love of Painting
Genealogy of a Success Medium
Jennifer Bornstein
Tom Nicholson
Lines towards Another
Aileen Burns, Tara McDowell, Johan Lundh (Eds.)
The Artist As
Producer, Quarry, Thread, Director, Writer, Orchestrator, Ethnographer, Choreographer, Poet, Archivist, Forger, Curator, and Many Other Things First.
Cosmin Costinaș, Ana Janevski (Eds.)
Is the Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive?
The New Performance Turn, Its Histories and Its Institutions
Marina Gržinić (Ed.)
Border Thinking
Disassembling Histories of Racialized Violence
Natasha Ginwala, Daniel Muzyczuk (Eds.)
The Museum of Rhythm
Cécile B. Evans
Alex Klein, Milena Hoegsberg (Eds.)
Myths of the Marble
Ineke Hans
Was ist Loos?
Wolfgang Tillmans, Brigitte Oetker (Eds.)
What Is Different?
Jahresring 64
Pierre Bal-Blanc (Ed.)
Project Phalanstère at CAC Brétigny, or “Of museum orgy or mixed omnigamy in composite and harmonic order”
Ingo Niermann, Joshua Simon (Eds.)
Solution 275–294
Communists Anonymous
Armen Avanessian
Dr. Daniel S. Berger, John Neff (Eds.)
Militant Eroticism
The ART+Positive Archives
Jon K Shaw, Theo Reeves-Evison (Eds.)
Fiction as Method
Wolfgang Tillmans, Brigitte Oetker (Eds.)
Was ist anders?
Jahresring 64
Lori Waxman
Keep Walking Intently
The Ambulatory Art of the Surrealists, the Situationist International, and Fluxus