Bcher  | Assign & Arrange Methodologies of Presentation in Art and Dance

Maren Butte, Kirsten Maar, Fiona McGovern, Marie-France Rafael, Jörn Schafaff (Eds.)Assign & Arrange
Methodologies of Presentation in Art and Dance

Contributions by Ina Blom, Franziska Bork Petersen, Andrea Božić, Gabriele Brandstetter, Ramsay Burt, Maren Butte, Fiona McGovern, Adrian Heathfield, Liz Kotz, Kirsten Maar, Marie-France Rafael, Jörn Schafaff, Nina Schallenberg, Minnie Scott, Gregor Stemmrich, Christian Tecker

Assign & Arrange: Methodologies of Presentation in Art and Dance
aims to map the exchanges and transgressions between art and dance that characterize the manifold variety of relations between art and dance that can be observed today: dance performances taking place in art galleries or public spaces, for example, or visual artists developing specific presentational formats or exhibition displays that generate dimensions of dramaturgy and choreography for their visitors. Terms like mise-en-scène, situation, setting, choreography, and installation are being almost coevally used not only by theoreticians but also by contributors from both art and dance in order to define modes of presentation or to specify visitors’ aesthetic experience. Taking into account historical and current examples, and involving perspectives from art history, dance studies, and architecture, the book explores similarities and differences in the respective practices, as well as in the theoretical concepts they correspond with.

Design by Marit Münzberg

2014, English
15 x 21 cm, 280 pages, 24 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-943365-90-0


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